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List your service on 2-1-1. It’s easy… and free!

Add or update your record

To add your agency to the 2-1-1 database, or to make changes to your agency’s listing, please follow these steps:

  1. Download and save our application to your PC at the following link: 2-1-1 NorCal Listing Application
  2. Fill out the application and save any changes.
  3. Return the completed application according to instructions on the first page.

If you wish to request a link to add your listing directly online, or if you wish to have someone call you to add or update your listing over the phone, please email:

What’s in the database?

Find out how we determine what agencies to include (or exclude) in 2-1-1 NorCal’s database: 2-1-1-NorCal-Inclusion-Exclusion-Policy.

Informational Sessions

2-1-1 Tehama welcomes the opportunity to visit your organization to share about our services and show your staff how to effectively use 2-1-1. To arrange a presentation, email:

2-1-1 and Service Providers: a Partnership!

We help your agency by referring callers and website users to your organization’s services.  When a client asks you about a service your organization does not or cannot provide, you can direct them to 2-1-1 for help.

You can help us by ensuring your organization is listed in our database and that service information is kept up-to-date.  Plus you can spread the word about 2-1-1 to clients, colleagues, friends and family.  Email a request to have 2-1-1 business cards and flyers mailed or delivered free of charge to your organization for distribution: