Connecting Point Template – Shasta County Disaster (Disaster name-County-Disaster)

Fire Name – Shasta County

General Fire Information

  • Fire crews have responded to a fire in [City] in Shasta County. 



  • Evacuation orders are in place for 1234 Main st….. 
    • Link evacuation mapping if available.
  • An evacuation center [or shelter if overnight] has been set up at: 1234 Main st 

Animal Evacuation information

  • No current information at this time.

Road Closures

Air Quality


Official Information Sources for Updates

  • Twitter: (This is where we put the trusted source)
  • Facebook: (This is where we put the trusted source)


Sign Up For Alerts

  • CodeRED Emergency Alert System 
      • Landlines are automatically notified, but cell phones are not – until you register. 


Be Prepared

  1. Identification 
  2. Medications/prescriptions 
  3. Important documents (birth certificates, marriage certificates, insurance policies etc.) 
  4. Emergency supplies including food and water for a minimum of three days 
  5. Clothes and toiletries 
  6. Pets and pet supplies 

Fire Survivor Assistance

  • American Red Cross 
    • Go to a Red Cross evacuation shelter or call 800-733-2767 (800-REDCROSS).  
  • ***This is where we would put information like agencies that are assisting with things such as gift cards, Hotel Vouchers, Programs to help with evacuation needs or eventually it will be filled with agencies that have assistance/programs to help with after the Fire/Disaster is over. ***

News Media Links