Disasters can happen to anyone regardless of race, color, religion/creed, gender, gender expression, sexual orientation, age, national origin, disability, marital status, military status and more.

Being prepared is important for the well-being of you and your family. In a real emergency, you will feel calmer, and in control, when you are prepared and know what to do.

Five Safety Steps for any Disaster:

1. Get alerts to know what to do.

2. Make a plan to protect your people.

3. Get to safety with things you need.

4. Stay safe at home when you can’t leave.

5. Help friends and neighbors get ready.


LISTOS Disaster Ready Guide (for additional tips):


Public Health Guide for COVID-19 response:


Wildfire Preparedness Action Plans & Guidance:


FREE Text-based Emergency Preparedness Training available now! Text LISTOSCA to 72345.


FREE 1-hour, in-person Emergency Preparedness Training is available in Shasta, Siskiyou, Tehama and Trinity County. To request, contact one of the following:

Shasta County Contact

Jana Blewett or Scott Cowell

Siskiyou County Contact

Jacqueline Nushi

Tehama County Contact

Cherish Padro

Trinity County Contact

Ryan Crowe


Non-Profit Organizations Partnering with United Way of Northern California

Non-Profit Organizations that are partnering with the United Way of Northern California to provide trainings include:

  • Tehama Together
  • Caring Choices
  • Corning Community Foundation
  • Mercy Foundation North – Dignity Health Connected Living
  • PATH
  • Far Northern Regional Center
  • Tehama County Neighborhood Watch
  • Hammond Ranch Landowners Association
  • Happy Camp Community Ranch
  • Northern California Resource Center
  • NCVSS Six Stones
  • Rescue Ranch
  • Siskiyou Community Resource Collaborative
  • Siskiyou YMCA
  • T.E.A.C.H
  • Mercy Foundation North – Dignity Health Connected Living

For more information about the LISTOS campaign, visit www.listoscalifornia.org