Press Release – Public Air-Conditioned Spaces Help Prevent Heat-Related Illness

SHASTA COUNTY – In response to the National Weather Service’s Excessive Heat Warning for this weekend, HHSA, in collaboration with community partners, has compiled a list of air-conditioned spaces that are open to the public during business hours throughout the summer (see attached documents). The public can also call the Extreme Temperature Information Line for a list of locations and hours, (530) 229-8882.

From July 1 to September 30, all RABA bus routes are fare-free for everyone. Catch a free ride to anywhere RABA goes, including air-conditioned public spaces, all summer long.

Just a few hours in air-conditioning can significantly reduce a person’s risk of heat-related illness. People at greater risk are:

  • Elderly
  • Sick
  • Living in a home or shelter without air conditioning
  • Working or exercising outdoors
  • Living on a fixed or low income (some may not turn on air conditioning due to cost)
  • Experiencing homelessness


Stay safe in the heat:

  • Stay hydrated
  • Dress in light-colored, loose-fitting, breathable clothing
  • Stay indoors in air-conditioned spaces, especially in the heat of the day and evening (fans can provide comfort, but they may not be adequate to prevent heat-related illness)
  • Move outdoor activities indoors or to the cooler parts of the day
  • Take cool baths or showers
  • Know the signs of heat exhaustion and heat stroke
  • Call 911 if you suspect heat stroke
  • Never leave people or pets in closed cars on warm days
  • Ensure pets have plenty of water and shade all day as the sun moves; bring them into air-conditioned spaces, if possible.


There are no Cooling Centers activated at this time. Cooling Centers differ from air-conditioned spaces. For Cooling Center information and heat safety, visit

Press Release: PR_AirConditionedSpaces06.30.2023