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Providing Youth with Support and Assistance in Shasta County

Jobs for youthsWould you like assistance with finding a job?
Employment Programs

Would you like to develop skills, engage in social activities or volunteer?
Enrichment Programs

HappyDo you find yourself attracted to the same sex, or identify with the opposite gender? Find support and social activities with others who can relate:
LGBTQ Individuals

If you are being bullied, what are your options?
Bullying Hotlines

Pregnancy HelpAre you sexually active? Educate yourself about how to reduce the risk of STD’s and pregnancy:
STD Information & Treatment


Teen Pregnancy Prevention

Substance AbuseIs a drug or alcohol addiction affecting your relationships or future?
Substance Use Related Hotlines


Substance Abuse Treatment

counseling servicesIf you have been sexually assaulted, find someone who takes you seriously and provides support and guidance:
Rape Crisis Intervention Hotlines

For local counseling services:
Adolescent/Youth Counseling

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